Why Skills Assurance?

Skills Assurance offers industries a cost-effective alternative to traditional training development, delivery, and management. We strive to help clients digitize their existing manual processes and replace them with automation hosted on the cloud. This makes our solutions available everywhere, anytime as required by your workforce. Digitizing training, competency, and administration also contributes to a stronger ESG ratings. Keep reading to learn more.

Environmental (E)

  • Lower Carbon Footprint: eLearning eliminates the need for physical travel to attend training, eliminating carbon emissions normally associated with travel.
  • Paperless: Digitization of training and competency processes eliminates the need to print and bind unnecessary paper and physical resources because they are delivered to and experienced digitally.
  • Energy Efficient: eLearning eliminates the need for classroom lighting, heating/cooling, or a physical building.

Social (S)

  • Accommodating: Our solutions offer on-screen language selections and multiple translation options to meet needs of every learner, regardless of location or physical abilities.
  • Inclusivity: Digital solutions can be accessed remotely, at any time, even offline, making it widely accessible to all workers regardless of location.
  • Work/Life Balance: eLearning allows workers to consume learning at their own pace, promoting a better work-life balance without the schedule or time constraint of a physical classroom.

Governance (G)

  • Consistency: Our eLearning ensures every worker receives an identical, consistent learning experience, promoting a common understanding of policies, procedures, industry regulations, and company values.
  • Compliance: Our Platform enables companies to effectively deliver compliance training while tracking worker completions and test scores, ensuring adherence to internal and external regulatory standards.
  • Transparency: Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers robust reporting features, providing 100% visibility and transparency into how the workforce is progressing with training and competency requirements, by region, rig, role, or requirement.

Experience Matters

Choosing an experienced provider that has helped clients with hundreds of projects across industries for your digital training and competency transformation is critical for a smooth and successful change management and adoption.

Replacing old practices with digitization and automation demonstrates a company’s commitment to adopting modern, responsible business practices that have positive impacts on the environment, society, and operational efficiency. As a result, a company that embraces digitization and automation can contribute to an improved ESG score by showcasing its efforts to minimize its environmental footprint, support its workforce, and adhere to ethical governance practices.


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