Why Skills Assurance?


  • All training records from any provider in one location
  • Designed with simplicity in mind
  • User interfaces and customizable and optimized for an intuitive feel
  • Minimal training required
  • Multiple languages selectable for each user
  • Making critical data visible and interpretable
  • Fully customizable reporting using Microsoft Analytics
  • Ability to export system data into Excel
  • User unique portal, with a selection of pre-defined widgets
  • User interfaces allow for any branding, language and terminology


  • Our suite of solutions are industry and regulatory agnostic.
  • Many industries have complex safety, technical and legislative demands. Companies must be ready prove they are compliant with Global, Country, and Regional regulations to avoid costly work stoppages. In this ever-changing context, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution that matches the needs of every company.
  • All of our library courses can be rebranded to reflect your corporate identity.
  • We can add your specific content to our existing courses, to make sure that your personnel gain the knowledge and skills they need.
  • Wide range of over 278 Courses and Programs currently available


  • Our cloud-based solution is Software as a Service (Saas), this allows us to dynamically update the software with new releases quarterly to implement priority enhancements suggested by our clients
  • When our clients are audited by regulators, our solutions prove why they should keep operating with clean visualizations of client compliance
  • Users can be enrolled and begin eLearning trainings immediately

Cost saving

  • Reduces Learning and Development costs and time
  • One client saves over $4 Million annually after implementing our paperless Competency Assurance Management solution

High Quality

  • Good training is all about helping the user to acquire and retain the knowledge and skills they need. In order to achieve this, training materials must be both accurate and engaging. Our CBTs engage the user and make a real impact on employee competence.


  • Our in-house team of highly skilled instructional designers, scriptwriters, quality reviewers and Subject Matter Experts ensure we consistently deliver training materials of the highest quality. We currently have approximately 50 courses in development.
  • Technically accurate, industry relevant courses designed by energy experts

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