Why hire a team of internal people working part-time when
you can outsource 100% of the administration?

eLearning creation

  • Consistent and Scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Available 24/7/365
Our Solutions

Competence Management Service

  • Build bespoke/customized competency profiles
  • Digitization of existing paper-based processes and competency requirements
  • Training of Assessors to SVQ, NVQ and SQA standards

Training Management Service

  • Manage training records
  • Track and report compliance results
  • Bulk enrolment and certificate capabilities
  • Set up new learners, vendors and facilitators in the system

System Administration Service

System Administration Service

  • Liaise with company IT and Software team
  • Timely execution of MOC task
  • Fully functioning test environment with every installation of Production.

Assessor & Verification Management Service


  • Conduct effective third-party assessment


  • Audit your competency management process using OPITO Standards
  • Provide an independent unbiased, third-party Verifier

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