For companies delivering complex, high-risk projects…

Skills Assurance brings together the 3 critical elements for: 

  • Workforce planning and management
  • Competency assessment and tracking 
  • Regulatory and audit compliance 

The Elements are:

  • A cloud-based software platform, developed and improved over a 20year period, setting a standard now adopted by multiple competing software companies 
  • Expert consulting – from implementation to operational support, on to business evolution 
  • A complete library of available eLearning courses and programs relevant across industries










Training Enrolments


Trainings booked annually

How we help clients across industries

Clients assure their workforce is competent on their current project and exposes any potential gaps to plan capability for future assignments.

  • Harnesses technology to replace manual processes
  • Enhances workforce learning with free offline capability
  • Consolidates all training from any provider in one portal
  • On-demand reporting available with the click of a button
  • Provides a user and auditor-friendly environment
  • Integrates with client business systems and processes
  • Delivers 100% transparency into training and compliance


Unique challenges around the world

Today’s client demands systems that are robust and reliable; that means they must be secure and deliver 24 x 7 x 365 availability. Clients have unique challenges around the world, which our software is designed to manage, based on client-input and regulatory changes for more than 20 years. Here is a list of typical challenges we help our clients manage:

  • Government Regulations
  • Industry Regulations
  • Safety Standards
  • Hazardous Working Conditions
  • Safety-Critical Equipment
  • Competency Assurance of Personnel
  • Certification and Recertification of Workers

Resilient Cloud Hosting

Our Skills SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is hosted at Microsoft Azure data centers delivering, best- in-class levels of up time. The Azure service gives increased levels of confidence in service delivery by:

  • Providing ‘elastic’ services that automatically scale up as load increases, maintaining response times during busy periods
  • Offering built in tools that automatically restart or recreate services should an individual server fail
  • Back up and disaster recovery capabilities that allow switching of services between data centers

Data security assured

Skills stores and processes all personnel and learning data safely and securely. To ensure we deliver this, we:

  • Test every release of the Skills application with application security testing tools that are compliant with OWASP (the internationally recognized Open Web Application Security Project)
  • Engage independent specialist security professionals to do vulnerability assessments on Skills within our SaaS environments
  • Comply with all relevant UK (GDPR) and EU data protection and privacy requirements
  • Keep our system software fully patched and up-to-date to protect against vulnerabilities, and all traffic is protected with SSL

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